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Not-For-Profits, Charities & Clubs
Partner with BadgeWorks Fundraising Facility or utilise the e-commerce platform, to facilitate a simple online presence, along with streamlining your supply chain.

Our Offer
We’re excited to put forward this opportunity to provide you with an additional revenue stream for your Not-For-Profit, Charity or Club by designing and customising a range of promotional fundraising products and assist you to set up your own free e-shopping page. 

What we, BadgeWorks, do...

1. Design and produce the fundraising products at no cost to you
Pay for all design manufacturing, packaging, and production of multiple products to the highest specs that you can be proud of and sell with confidence

2. Work out the logistics
Provide a Supply Agreement for signing by both parties

3. Sales - Set up a specific Online Customer Landing Page with Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway on the BadgeWork’s Partner website.
It’s designed specifically to display and sell your products with no outlay or cost for your organisation for a contract period of 3 months (ie 3 months free credit)

4. Give promotional guidance
Assist with any online promotions, newsletters, flyers, brochures, email etc linking back to the landing page

5. Keep track of sales
Reconcile sales and payments for next 3 months (standard promotional period) with monthly reporting

6. Distribute the products
Pack and distribute with our logistics and nationwide courier service on your behalf

7. Conclude promotion
Return all stock to you as the owner of the goods or set up a new ongoing agreement with BadgeWorks

What you do...

1. Let us design something for you
Supply artwork or use our free design service which will then require your approval and sign off including all contractual obligations prior to manufacture

2. Promote through your channels and networks
Ensure product is properly advertised and promoted through all your organisation’s network and channels as agreed

3. Recognise BadgeWorks as a sponsor
That you acknowledge us as an official sponsor of your club or organisation and advertised as such for the agreed period of which we are involved and providing our services
4. Receive Payment
BadgeWorks will make full payment on completion of promotion or as agreed once all costs have been accounted for.


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