Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best promotional items?
The best promotional products are the ones that relate in some way to the product/service you are advertising. If you can find a promotional item that is relatable to your brand and match your consumers' needs, it has a chance to be more memorable.

Whatever you choose as a promotional item should be useful to your consumers specifically. Shy away from cheap items that have no value and will likely just end up in the trash. These cheap items can be seen as a reflection of the cheapness of your brand.
A few suggest that you might like to consider is perhaps a Lapel Badge which would be the most visible and Pens and Notebooks are always a welcome gift. Probably the one customisable product that will be with whomever you give it to for a long time, is a simple flash drive for their key ring.

What's the difference between a resin coated name badge and a laminated name badge?
Our Premium Name Badges come with a high scratch resistant, water resistant resin domed coating that are a long life badges and can take the knocks and drops and even the odd trip through the washing machine. 

While our E Badges are affordable, high quality, sublimation printed name badges with laminated coating and can be used as a reusable badge.

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