What are metal badges without colour?

Published on 22 April 2024 at 11:18

There are many choices when you are looking to create a lapel pins or badges and our badges without colour will stand out in the crowd . We are able to provide free atwork and taylor your badge to best fit your budget, finish and numbers required.

Metal Badges without coloring are stamped to produce raised metal and offer a variety of finishes that then can be polished to give a shiny distinguished look. While the recessed metal can have texture or sandblasting to produce a matt looking finish. Iron pins are the most cost effective and good option for non-profit promotional campaigns or events. 

Material: Iron,Copper, Brass, 
Aluminium. Bronze
Process: Die Struck (Stamping)
Finishes: Shiny gold/ silver/ nickel/ copper/ bronze, black nickel, antique gold/ silver/ nickel/ copper/ bronze, satin gold/ silver/ nickel
Epoxy: No
Attachments: Most common attachments are spur nail with metal butterfly clutch, or safety brooch pin. Ask us if you want different attachment options

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